The Tales of Ink and Light intertwine words and photographs to bring you unique stories and poems about the beauty and strangeness of the world.

Ink and Light

Sometimes, we come to believe that a photograph can say more than words ever could. For instance, we say things like, there is so much - grief hope despair hunger desire anger - on the face of the person in this photo, that no words could ever describe so eloquently. Other times, the meaning of an image is entirely conditioned by the caption that gets attached to it, and the picture can serve different masters depending on the words that seal its fate.

Here, the texts are not mere captions, nor are the photographs simple illustrations. Instead, they intertwine like the guitar and the voice in a haunting melody, to craft stories that resonate deeply.

I think that's one of the hardest things to do - combine words and photographs. But I would certainly try it. — Robert Frank


Tales of Ink and Light is as a weekly(-ish) newsletter, with each edition presenting a different section.

1. In a combination of texts and photographs, the Tales of Ink and Light are a collection of poems, short stories (fiction or documentary) or essays that explore the strange beauty of our world. From portraits of individual lives to musings on social justice, from travel diaries to an exploration of the intricacies of identity, the Tales take you to places of freedom, imagination, rebellion and meaning-making.

2. The Touches of Ink and Light present a journey through the creative process and include stories behind the making of a particular photograph, thoughts and anecdotes on photography and writing, and a look at sources of inspiration.

3. At home, i use small easels to keep a couple of photo books open for a few days or weeks, as a manner to engage in a longer dialogue with some of the images. In An Open Book, i share glimpses into a book from my small personal collection in the hope of sharing a touch of beauty, inspiration or knowledge.

4. As French is my mother tongue, les Contes d'encre et de lumière offer the translation of chosen texts of the Tales of Ink and Light. It is a fascinating exercise to revisit your own writing: looking for the right words and expressions, and confronting the temptation of letting the French version go its own way.

Note that you can subscribe separately to each section.

The author

My name’s Pierre François Docquir. I am a self-taught writer and photographer. Originally from Belgium, i’m now based in Lisbon, Portugal, after a few good years in London, UK.

In the Letters to a Young Poet, Rilke suggests that you should only write if you feel an irresistible internal drive to do so — would you die, he asks, if you were forbidden to write? As a young adult, i took this advice very seriously and thus kept myself busy with other things (my professional life has consisted in doing research and advocacy in the field of human rights). Many years later, the desire to tell stories has not vanished: the time has now come to heed the call.

You can find my website at

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In the Tales of Ink and Light, words (the ink) and photographs (the light) work like the guitar and the voice in a folk song: they intertwine to bring you unique short stories and poems about the beauty and strangeness of the world we live in.


Self-taught photographer and writer (professionally, doing research and advocacy in the sphere of human rights). I combine the languages of words (the ink) and pictures (the light) to tell stories about the strange world we live in. (he/him)